Hire Trained Security Officers You Can Trust

Call Nighthawk Security’s Corporate Headquarters in Owensboro, KY for security guard services.

Nighthawk Security is capable of handling all of your security needs. With over 20 years of experience in the security business, our trained security officers have the lethal, less-than-lethal and nonlethal security training needed to exceed the industry standards.

Indianapolis, IN and surrounding areas

You deserve to feel safe and protected at all times. Our trained security officers will protect you, your business and your employees in the Indianapolis, IN area. Contact Nighthawk Security to discuss your options.

Evansville, IN and surrounding areas

Keep your assets and employees safe by having trained security officers at your Evansville, IN business. We offer lethal, less-than-lethal and nonlethal security services to best fit your needs.

Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding areas

We will provide a peace of mind to you and your business. Contract with us for our armed or unarmed security officers for protection. We provide lethal, less-than-lethal and nonlethal security services in the Fort Wayne, IN area.

South Bend, IN and surrounding areas

Nighthawk Security takes pride in the attention to detail we give when training our security officers. For more information on Nighthawk Security and what we can do for you, contact us today.

Carmel, IN and surrounding areas

A company’s greatest asset is its employees. Our officers can create and maintain a safe environment so your employees can work and you can have a peace of mind with Nighthawk Security on the job. Contact us today to learn more of what Nighthawk Security can do for your company.

Bloomington, IN and surrounding areas

Whether it is foot patrols or monitoring CCTV, Nighthawk Security and our officers are more than capable of handling the job. With our armed and unarmed officers, Nighthawk Security will lead the way with purpose and integrity as your security solution.

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